October 10, 1902

Friday Oct 10th in Washington DC & a very fine warm day  we paid our bill after breakfast with Mrs Brown on 6th NE No 717  I paid her $10 for room  Mag & I 5 days & bade her good bye  a nice woman & good neat quiet place to Stay  we then took Electric Cars for Soldiers home  about 900 regular Soldiers there  Extra well take Care of & no holding any of their pension  they are contented well fed & well protected in Evry way & want for nothing  the home is on 700 acres NE of W DC [Washington, D. C.] & is kept up by the regular Army  Each one giving of his wages 12 1/2c Each month & they have three million dollars at intrest & the very finest place to live  reading room play room theater &cc  I gave an old regular 25c for Showing us around  they get Shaved for 5c  we were back to the city 5 miles by 12-30 & after dinner Mag & I went Shopping  bought Vic & Leslie Each a gold ring $2 Each & Nellie a fine chain bracelet with gold padlock for $3 & a Mt Vernon cup nicely Engraved as a Sovenir for Bell  We then took Supper & went where we had Engaged a bed at a private house close to the B&O depot & I paid $1 for the bed & we proceeded to occupy it after Engaging a darkey named Geo Washington to Call us at 2 tomorrow morning


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