October 9, 1902

Thurs Oct 9  An Extra fine warm day  we arose late & had breakfast at our room house & paid Mrs Brown 25c Each  We then took trolley line for downtown & met Moore Reed & Strubles at the Barton hotel headquarters for Iowa & at 9 Am we all went to the Treas department  had a guide who Explained the diferent rooms & made it very interesting  one million average Each day of our paper money is Sent here for redemption as Spoiled mutilated or worn out currency  tis ground to pulp & Sold at $40 a ton  Saw women counting sorting & packing greenbox & postage stamps  then we went to National Museum & Smithsonian institute & saw many Stuffed birds & snakes of all kinds & sizes & many models & many wax life like Statues of diferent tribes of Indians  the Smithsonian institute did not seem near as interesting as it did 37 years ago  took a short rest & got dinner & then went to our rooms & in good season retired to rest  I sent a paper [probably a newspaper] to Vic also a picture of [General Philip] Sheridan[1]

[1] Philip Henry Sheridan, Union General, American Civil War, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philip_Sheridan


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