October 8, 1902

October 8 1902  A Splendid Sunny temperate day  we took breakfast at our room house pancakes & trimmings  paid Mrs. Brown 25c Each  then took Street Cars for down town & bought a few kepp sakes for the children  then I went to join the Iowans in a grand march & review Such as we made here 37 years ago when the war was just over  I run myself nearly down to find them & then sat down & waited on Pa [Pennsylvania] Avenue till they came by at 2-30 Pm when I joined in with the Council Bluffs boys & marched as I did 37 years before only I had no gun knapsack & accouterments  it worried me worse to day  I have a cold & feel bad & then I run & hurried too much this morning  I slept poorly last night & now at 5-30 I have Eaten nor drank anything since breakfast  I Sent Souvenir Card to Nellie & paper to Leslie  I found Mag at Iowa headquarters & we recd a letter from Bell & Nellie  we went & got our Supper  I took oyster stew & they have Extra fine oysters here & I feel very thankful that after 37 years I am permitted & am able both phisically & financially to march again in grand review in Washington DC  we took street cars for our rooms & to bed about 11 pm Eve


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