October 6, 1902

Monday Oct 6  in to DC & a very fine clear day  the first day of the National Encampment  we arose at 6-30 feeling well & the Sun shining cheerfully in our East windows  we talked of our children at home & So far I have sent them a card each day  we went down town & got a good breakfast at 35c each & went to the White House & found no admission Even to the grounds  a Policeman at Evry gate  we then visited the war & Navy building close by & then took dinner at a very noisy but good restaurant 60c for both  then to Washington Monument 550 ft high of Solid nice looking blocks of Stone but the weight of the monument seemed crushing the stone & I predict it wont be a long lived monument without much repairs  we then visited the Bureau of Printing & Engraving where all our postage stamps & money is printed & Engraved  real interesting  only we hurried thro too fast  then to landing on the much talked of Potomac riv & took a boat for Mt Vernon  here we visited the Tomb of Washington & wife & Saw the Marble Coffins resting side by side in the Stone vault with iron picket door  we were in his house  Saw some of their furniture & a fine flower garden & deer park well Stocked with deer & on the South piazz Supported by long columns or pillars we sat in the Seat where Washington had sat & had a Splendid view of the grand Potomac  we returned to the City 18 miles after dark & got Supper  Sent a card to Leslie  rested awhile & went & Saw fine fire works  then to Street cars to our rooms and to bed at 10 45 Eve [the following was written in the margin: We visited a grand Parade of the troops inftry Cav & Navy]


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