October 2, 1902

After the Civil War ended, soldiers would come together to see each other at various reunions held around the country.  Isaac and his soldier comrades would often go to these reunions.  Isaac journals that they began their trip to Washington, D.C. today to attend a reunion held on October 9-10, 1902 for the 36th National GAR Encampment.[1] 

Thursday October 2, 1902  Warm & Mostly cloudy  we 30 of the Citizens of Wellman & vicintity got word from the CB&I [unknown reference] people that they will Send carriages from Washington for us & take us to Washington DC  Cheaper than we can go from here  So we accept the offer & hurry to get lunch & all ready & by 2-30 or 3 PM  we left Wellman & arrived in Washington [county seat of Washington County, Iowa] at dark  Vic was in W [Washington] & found us at the depot & Staid till we started at 9-30  we took a Sleeper $1,50 for both & we slept reasonably well & arrive at Daylight near Chicago

[1] The Center for Civil War Research, Reunions – http://www.civilwarcenter.olemiss.edu/reunions.html


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