December 1, 1901

Sunday Dec 1st  foggy & warm then Sunny then Cloudy Cooler & wintry NW [wind]  The boys & Nellie went to Sunday School & Bell went to Maudes  Mag is Sick with pain in Stomack  I called Dr Gardner  he came at 11 am & left medicine  She has taken 3 doses & now at 2 pm is no better  in the Eve Mag got worse  hard pains in Stomack & head & I phoned for the Dr  he Came & really done her no good  he injected Morphine in her Stomack & after he had been gone ¾ hour She got So much worse  Otto K went to the Church & had him come again & he had to give Chloroform to quiet the pain  Amanda here  Otto & Maude will Stay all night  I Set up alone with Mag till quarter after one & she vomited & got Easier & I went to bed


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