December 18, 1902

Along with Isaac’s journals were personal papers and documents that he saved because they were important to him.  Isaac served as Grand Army of the Republic Post Commander, Ed Hamlin Post #112, Wellman, Iowa, at different periods of time.  The Post would send representatives to Encampments held in different parts of the state of Iowa.  Typical of an encampment, the 1900 G.A.R. Encampment schedule and activities,[1] was held over three days.  Activities included speeches, meetings, a parade and special outings all designed to honor the Civil War soldiers and help them renew old friendships.  

On December 18, 1902 at a meeting of the Ed Hamlin Post, delegates and alternates were selected to represent the Post at the 1903 Department Encampment.  A copy of the document that records this selection follows

Credentials of Representatives to Department Encampment, 1903
Credentials of Representatives to Department Encampment, 1903

[1] See Iowa in the Civil War,, for a full description.


October 16, 1902

Thursday Oct 16  Another fine drying day & warm  Roy & Cora & 2 kids here most all day & we all had a good visit & in the PM Roy took my buggy & hauled Noras trunk to depot & her & Allie left for Iowa City at 5,25 Eve & we all went to depot with them  I took Nora & kids down in the Carriage & Vic took Care of the team  Leslie was so busy playing foot ball  he didn’t know they went away

October 15, 1902

Wednesday Oct 15  A pleasant drying day  we arose late & we gave the presents we had brought   gold rings for Vic & Leslie  bracelet for Nellie  Cup for Isabel & many other little Souvenirs which we distributed around & I got home with $20 in pocket & Started away with $127,50  my cold is better but I done no work  Sent pension papers away  Allie Nora & Mother went to Roys & back

October 14, 1902

Tuesday October 14 1902  A fine pleasant cool day  froze quite hard this morning & I found a cousins son, Worth Pope, one of the head clerks at the Hotel  we had not met for years  when he was a little boy he was at our house on the farm  he seemed glad to meet us & when I handed a $10 bill to pay our bed & breakfast he would take no pay & we had to hurry away to take the 8-30 train for Washington Ioa where we arrived at 10-30 & found Vic at the depot  he & I went to Stable & got our team  paid 20c & drove to depot & got our baggage & drove to Miles Bradfords & found only a girl at home  She used us well  gave dinner & we had our own horse feed & fed our team  then Called on Al McElwains  found our friend & companion of boyhood days  Charlotte Leighton Carpenter there & recently had Suffered a partial stroke of paralysis & is nearly helpless  it Seemed very Sad  we only Staid a short time  hitched up our team  drove to Old Mr. Gardners  found Cam & wife & we all with bag & baggage Provided in & drove thro the mud to Wellman where we arrived Safe & Sound & feeling very thankful  about Sundown found Sylvia & 2 kids & Nora & Allie & 2 kids here & all out to the Stile [1] to meet us & all talking at once  we Soon had Supper & Spent a pleasant Evening & went to bed in our own bed  once more feeling very thankful to be at home among our Children once more

[1] The definition of stile at states that it is “a series of steps or rungs by means of which person may pass over a wall or fence that remains a barrier to sheep or cattle”.

October 11, 1902

Sat Oct 11  arose at the Call of Geo Washington at 2 am  prompt  I gave him 25c & we got Started from the B&O depot at 3-15 am for Buffalo & I Suffered with a cold & diarrhea all day  we passed thru the Center of the great hard Coal Strike at Wilkesbarre Pa  also Pittston Pa  Saw groups of mean looking idlers who had much better been at work Earning Something to feed their half starved families  it rained most of the day & was damp Cool & disagreeable  we run out of the rain about 8-30 when we reached Buffalo & we put up at a City Hotel  first class  I took quinine & 2 doses Chamberlains medicine & took a good warm bath & feel better  went to bed in room 25  2nd floor  Mag is most Sick with head ache  we are 2 poor Stix to travel  I sent Card this Eve to Vic to meet us with team in Washington Ioa next Tuesday at 10 Am & we went to bed & my head roars very bad

October 10, 1902

Friday Oct 10th in Washington DC & a very fine warm day  we paid our bill after breakfast with Mrs Brown on 6th NE No 717  I paid her $10 for room  Mag & I 5 days & bade her good bye  a nice woman & good neat quiet place to Stay  we then took Electric Cars for Soldiers home  about 900 regular Soldiers there  Extra well take Care of & no holding any of their pension  they are contented well fed & well protected in Evry way & want for nothing  the home is on 700 acres NE of W DC [Washington, D. C.] & is kept up by the regular Army  Each one giving of his wages 12 1/2c Each month & they have three million dollars at intrest & the very finest place to live  reading room play room theater &cc  I gave an old regular 25c for Showing us around  they get Shaved for 5c  we were back to the city 5 miles by 12-30 & after dinner Mag & I went Shopping  bought Vic & Leslie Each a gold ring $2 Each & Nellie a fine chain bracelet with gold padlock for $3 & a Mt Vernon cup nicely Engraved as a Sovenir for Bell  We then took Supper & went where we had Engaged a bed at a private house close to the B&O depot & I paid $1 for the bed & we proceeded to occupy it after Engaging a darkey named Geo Washington to Call us at 2 tomorrow morning