October 16, 1901

Wed Oct 16  Clear Sunny & Cool  Maudes wedding day  We arose in good season & put in the day getting ready  on the 10 oclock Express Nora & Allie came  I & Harriet met them with Carriage & we had a glad & joyful meeting  I got grapes cheese & cooked ham 5 lbs  we had a lap supper & a good one  Willard Deyoe Married Maude & Otto at 7 PM  Eve [evening] Martin Scrantons 3 Children here  I got Lindauers Stable also Hamiltons & we have 3 Stables well filled with horses  Mother & I got to bed at 11 PM  over 40 here  Many nice presents  Mother & I gave $100,00 in gold.


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