September 28, 1901

Saturday September 28th 1901  A very pleasant warm Sunny day  we arose Early & the boys helped hitch up the team to carriage & I went to Washington to Rep Convention  C C Gardner Jese Longwell & Mel Logan rode with me  Longwell is running for Co Supervisor  I put team in McElwais Barn & then I called on Joe Scrantons  found Joe improving a little of his paralysis  Can walk a little with the help of a cane  the Convention organized before dinner with John Alex Young Chairman  I took dinner by invitation with Miles Bradford  a Splendid dinner but I was nearly Sick & Could Eat but little  PM Convention Nominated Barnes Treas C J Wilson Rep  Miss Hughes Co Supt  John Wilson Sheriff & Jesse Longwell Co Supervisor unanimous no opposition to Speak of  I bought 2 boxes peaches to bring home  C C Gardner paid for feed of team & at 4-30 Started home  roads good no dust no heat  home a little after dark  boys ready to help unhitch & found all right at home & I feel better & Eat a good Supper of bread & Milk & cheese


2 thoughts on “September 28, 1901”

  1. Miles’ wife was Rebecca. His father was born in New York and mother in Indiana. Rebecca was born in Pennsylvania. Miles was born in August 1836 in Indiana. This according to the 1900 Census for Washington County, Iowa. They had seven children — all living away from home in 1900. Maybe it’s a Bradford cousin — 1st, 2nd or 3rd???

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