September 21, 1901

Saturday Sept 21  SW wind  pleasant Sunny day  the boys hurried away their Cows & Vic & I went to Roys  took them fresh pork 25c & Lilian  [1] pnuts [peanuts?]   we stayed to dinner & then brought our yrling Nell colt home  Vic rode her part of the way  She went well but has a very bad scar on hind leg from a wire cut & the Sore is not well yet  we brought a Sack of apples from the farm  I attended Rep Caucus & was Selected as one of 11 delegates to the Co Convention at Washington next Sat  I got butter 50c at Beardsleys  I got 3 loaves bread a watermellon – big one – 10c & fine Sack peaches 25c  no fire in the grate needed

[1] Lillian is the daughter of LeRoy & Cora Carr.


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