January 1, 1900

Monday January 1st 1900  New years day & Mag lay abed most of the day with headache  I Chopped Sawed & Split Some pole wood all I had & the boys carried it down cellar  I also sorted over Some apples & took a dozen or 2 nice ones to our bank for new years gift  I took Holden an orange & some apples  he is no better in the Eve  Mrs Ed Smith Called  I got 2 books from Werner Co Akron Ohio  the last of 9 I sent for & they are all right  I got beef Steak for Mag & Oysters for the rest this Eve  So far this has been a very fair winter  very little snow & not Extra Cold  no storms & the past year has been good for Crops  I got about 400 bu of fair oats from the Hughbanks place & about 1000 bu of good corn  Roy has paid me $300 rent & will pay me $250,00 more  I have Enjoyed town life reasonably well the last year & my health has been fair  we have all had very fair health  I raised a real good garden  nice green corn & potatos but bought 12 bu potatos at 25c  I built a good Comfortable rent house close by for about 850,00 & have rented it since 9th of past July for $9 a month  I bought us a nice 2 seat Carriage for $85 & the boys & girls 2 bicycles for $40 & I made a very poor investment  they are allways up for repairs & costly ones too  I increased my Wellman bank Stock 7 ½ shares  I now own 12 ½ Shares worth $1750,00 & I have 3 Shares Keota bank Stock worth $350 & I just got a 7% dividend from Keota $21  I have $3650,00 money at intrest & 2100,00 time deposits in bank & $10,00  Roy owes me total $5800,00 total bank Stock & all $7900,00 & I have old Corn Enough in my Wellman Crib to feed & 300 bu oats 2 cows a young calf my grey team Prince & Mollie not valuable & my pacer Alex coming 3 not valuable an old Sow & 6 pigs & at least 6000 bu of good corn in Cribs waiting for better prices  verily I have no reason to Complain.


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