December 23, 1899

Saturday December 23rd 1899  freeze & frosty in the morning but nice  I hitched to the old buggy & took Mrs Evans & 2 girls to her mothers  Old Mrs. Sigler  road midling & thawing fast  we rcd box from Hattie & one from Nora  Christmas gifts  Nora Sent me a nice black tie  I now have about 5 or 6 new ties that have never worn  I was down town PM & Eve we all went to the Rink to M E [Methodist Episcopal] Christmas tree & it was the worst Jam & Noisest Christmas tree I was ever at  no order no enforcement  Could hear very little of the program  after the first 2 or 3 pieces & the longer the worse  I was jammed in the SE corner & couldn’t get out  was real glad when it was over & we could come home  after all the rest had gone to bed Mother & I fixed the Christmas presents for the Children


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