December 25, 1898

Sunday December 25 Christmas & an Extra fine day  Sun Shone all day  thawed only a little  Jap & Sylvia here & all the Children arose Early to see their gifts  they were numerous & pretty  I got a hdkf a pr of nice gloves a pr of nice Slippers 2 neck ties one from Nora & one from Bell  a book from Nora  Roy & Cora Came & they also were remembered by Santa Claus & altogether we passed a very Enjoyable day  Bell & Maude had Ralph Hull & Otto Klokenteger here  Holden & Laura were here  Jap & I took a mince pie & Small basket of nice apples to Lyman Bradfords this morning  Jap went home PM but Sylvia will Stay a week  her Mag & the boys have gone up to Amandas this Eve  My cold is at least no better & I thought I had better keep in doors  I am taking Weeks’s break up a cold tablets bought of Longwell & Watters 25c no cure no pay


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