December 24, 1899

Sunday Dec 24  Cool Sunny thawed but little  I was at home all day  Holden is about the same  Mag & the Children went to Church & to see Holden  I am feeling poorly with a Cold & I have a small but sore boil under my right arm that nearly makes me sick  our Children found many presents this morning & were happy  the girls got Skates books &c & the boys books toys blox [blocks] &c  I got fine shirt neck ties & collars & Mother got nice China fruit dish & a silver $ & other trinkets from the girls & boys

December 23, 1899

Saturday December 23rd 1899  freeze & frosty in the morning but nice  I hitched to the old buggy & took Mrs Evans & 2 girls to her mothers  Old Mrs. Sigler  road midling & thawing fast  we rcd box from Hattie & one from Nora  Christmas gifts  Nora Sent me a nice black tie  I now have about 5 or 6 new ties that have never worn  I was down town PM & Eve we all went to the Rink to M E [Methodist Episcopal] Christmas tree & it was the worst Jam & Noisest Christmas tree I was ever at  no order no enforcement  Could hear very little of the program  after the first 2 or 3 pieces & the longer the worse  I was jammed in the SE corner & couldn’t get out  was real glad when it was over & we could come home  after all the rest had gone to bed Mother & I fixed the Christmas presents for the Children

September 23, 1899

Saturday Sept 23  An Extra fine Cool fall like day & Mag has a bad headache  we are all invited to Hulls to Bell & Ralphs infair [affair]  all went but Mag & I & Vic  he tended to his laundry & then went down on his wheel [possibly a bicycle] [1] & told Maude that Mother was better so her & Otto Klokenteger drove my team & Carriage back & we arrived Safe about 1 pm & had a real good dinner & good visit & Rach gave us a mess of green corn & we came home & Roy hitched to my old buggy & took Harriet & Nora & their husbands home with him  Jap Green came this Eve from Keota

[1] Bicycles were a popular mode of transportation at this time.

September 21, 1899

Thursday September 21st 1899 Thirty four years ago to day Mag & I went to Washington in my two horse wagon with a board for Spring seat & were married by Judge B F Brown Alice Leighton Wolf & Sister Amanda & E Bradford went along & to day our daughter Bell was married to Ralph B Hull only relatives were present a most delightful day & all went off well W A Schwimley performed the marriage Ceremony & Willard Deyoe prayed & we had a fine dinner & the young folks got Several fine & appropriate presents Mother & I gave one hundred dollars in gold which I drew from the bank this morning I have taken five more Shares of Stock in the Wellman Savings bank & now have ten Shares worth $140,00 a share Rach Hull & Wife went home Early most of our guests Stayed later & Holden & Laura spent the Evening Jap went home about 9 in the Eve & left Sylvia & baby here Martin Scranton girl & boy will Stay all night

September 20, 1899

Wednesday Sept 20 An Extra fine Sunny Cool fall day Roys hand Frank brought one load of hay & the barn is nearly full Vic helped me mow it away Nora & Allie came on the 10-26 train this AM & little Max & he has improved wonderful & can walk Harriet & I met them at the train we had a big rooster for dinner & a boiled beef heart Willard DeYoe also Came across from Keota & he took our Organ all apart & Cleaned it & it now Sounds as nice as new PM Allie & I went down & got his & Noras trunk I bought 3 big watermellons for 25c & ½ bu Sweet potatos for 35c I got 3 lbs butter 54c Jap Green came in the Evening & he played second on the organ & I fiddled

September 18, 1899

Sunday Sept 18 A real nice warm day I have Stiff neck & feel very dumpish I filled the refrigerator with nice ice & salted all stock & shaved Roy here all day Martin Scrantons went home after dinner Frank Hix here Sylvia Harriet Nellie & Willard went to Keota Nellie to help Sylvia fix her house in Keota Mag & the children picked one bushel of damson plums

September 17, 1899

Saturday September 17th 1898 A very fine day Martin & I went to Wellman he got his horses shod I got beef Steak & we came home to dinner & PM Mart & Wife & I & Mag went to Wellman I looked thro the house with several among them S T Leighton & Fred Klokenteger I got 3 watermellons 2 doz Banannas 50c Harve cut & hauled a load of white oak poles to Wellman from the Hughbanks timber he has worked 297 days & drew 133 dols & fifty cts

September 11, 1899

Monday Sept 11  A pleasant fall like day  I was down town awhile AM & PM & got 35 Cards $2,50 at Reeds for Bells wedding  She is to be married the 21st inst to Ralph Hull  it Seems to me She might have done better but I will also say She might have done worse  heard Dreyfus the French Capt is convicted 2nd time[1]

[1] Known as The Dreyfus Affair; see Wikipedia – and