September 19, 1898

Monday Sept 19th  A nice & real warm fall day  I took Maude to Wellman to School & I took dinner at Amanda’s  the Carpenters Taylor & Wymer are putting in the front Stairs & they are nice   the plumbers Walthers & his man John Gimble came & went to work at the plumbing  I had quite a talk with Walthers about the bath tub & he acknowledged that I was right & ought to have a 5 ft 6 in tub  he took the 52 gal pressure boiler away & will send a 66 gal as I was to have   I was late getting home  Harve snapped a load of yellow corn to feed & dug the seed potatos in the garden  Dodder & Bro [brother] are at work frescoing  I settled with Nicola & Gardner for hardware & shovling & gave them check for 158,60 & had paid 665,00  I also paid Nicola & Gardner for an iron house well pump $11,50 & they are to put it in soon as I want it


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