July 7, 1898

Thursday July 7th 1898  Rain a little early in the morning  we soon arose Early at 5-30 & at 8-15 were driving the 13 steers & cows & young calf out of the yard  we got along fine   Vic Harve & I   Cattle made no trouble & we got to Keota at 7-15 & raining  we had our coats but got some wet  put team in Adams barn 30c  I took breakfast at Donahue Restaurant  & we were hungry  I went & looked over A E Adams new house with him  it is nice & a good nice solid foundation of stone  I got check cashed at the old bank & got 707,10 for the cattle $500 in Certificates of deposit & rest in currency  I left Bell $10 to go to memorial & gave Each of the children 25c & I paid Harve $10,00  Home to dinner & then Harve & I went to Wellman & I deposited $500,00 in bank & paid Albert Taylor $100 in carpentering & paid Nicolas & Gardner $65 hardware bill  we blocked up some around the new house & scraped a little dirt


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