August 23, 1898

Tuesday Aug 23 A real nice day till Middle PM when it Suddenly Clouded up from NW & rained quite a hard shower Frank Hamilton Came & took 3 Steers & Bull I sold him & he gave me a check for $150 Vic took Mollie [farm horse] & Helped him drive the Cattle I borrowed Converse Bradfords horse (he was helping Roy thrash) & Mag & I went to Nira She traded near $6 home by noon Roys thrashers Came this morning & finished middle PM just in time to escape the rain here & moved to Joe Englands my share of midling fair oats is 320 bu & 384 from the Hughbanks place I went to Wellman in Eve & Vic & I got caught in a hard rain coming home & Stopped a little while at Roys Harve helped Roy ¾ day & he owes me 11 ¼ days Maude & Nellie helped Roy cook for thrashers

August 22, 1898

Monday Aug 22 A nice day but real warm too damp to thrash Mag Bell Maude Vic & I went to Wellman & finished cleaning floors & windows in the lower part of the house we bought some sausage & Eat our dinner in the house I bought a water mellon but it was no good we finished in good season & came home

August 21, 1898

Sunday August 21st 1898 A very very warm day & still tis now at 5-30 pm 88 in the Shade Harve gone boys & I Salted all Stock & move a little fence so as better to feed fatting hogs green corn at noon it rained some last night & thundered & lightened much & feels like rain to day tis so hot & muggy the oats raised on this farm are in a very poor fix poorly Shocked wet & will now sprout if this weather continues

August 12, 1898

Friday August 12th  A very pleasant sunny dry day  I took Mag & Sylvia to Roys & came home to dinner & PM Joe & I went to Keota to see Roy Davis about stetting a grate for my corn  get him in a month but wont wait if I can do better  I get home Early & wait for Mag & Cora  armistice with Spain & protocol Signed by President Wm McKinley[1]

[1] Library of Congress, “The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War”, William McKinley’s biograpy,

August 11, 1898

Thursday August 11th 1898  A real nice day  I went to Wellman & took dinner at Amandas also Mag & Sylvia Nellie & her visitor Nellie Riley went with us to Wellman to see the new house  Holden helped me board up the gas pit & I paid him all I owed him $4,50  the plasters finished putting the brown coat on my house & left for Washington  I paid John Abramson $30,00 making $85 I have paid him We came home Early around by the Leighton place & Hughbanks place today for corn to fill out  also for pastures & clover seed

August 6, 1898

Saturday August 6  A nice Cloudy day  Maude Nellie Vic & Joe me & Harve went to Wellman & we cleared the shavings out of leaves  rooms ready to plaster  we put shavings in the cellar  I took one bbl to the widow Dike  we got done & home by noon & Harve stayed there  the painter finished the base of one coat  Sylvia & baby, Willard & Harriet here this Eve

August 5, 1898

I. N. Carr's Victorian Home in Wellman, Iowa
      The finial on top of the cupola on  I. N. Carr’s                      Victorian Home in Wellman, Iowa

Friday August 5  A nice dry day  I went to Wellman PM  we boxed & crated my 8 ft iron finial & vane & I gave Nicola &c 2,75 & they sent it back as we thought it too much of a job to put it on & I sent thru Nicola & Gardner for another fineal[1] to cost $14  in the PM I went to Keota & looked over Ralph Hamiltons house & saw the cresting he used & I went to Randdolph’s & bought 3 fineals with vanes for 4,50 not paid & I ordered 92 ft of cresting at 17c a foot with 4 fineals  I then went to Mr Greens & found Sylvia & baby & brought them home by noon to dinner & then went to Wellman & Albersons & Co  had the house all lathed & I paid him $15  I recd a letter from Harvey Carris containing draft for $20,00  I put $300 in bank one yr at 7% Stockholders Certificate  I paid Albert Taylor $100 in Carpenter work  I paid Harve $5

[1] A finial is an ornament on top of a spire, gable, etc.