August 23, 1898

Tuesday Aug 23 A real nice day till Middle PM when it Suddenly Clouded up from NW & rained quite a hard shower Frank Hamilton Came & took 3 Steers & Bull I sold him & he gave me a check for $150 Vic took Mollie [farm horse] & Helped him drive the Cattle I borrowed Converse Bradfords horse (he was helping Roy thrash) & Mag & I went to Nira She traded near $6 home by noon Roys thrashers Came this morning & finished middle PM just in time to escape the rain here & moved to Joe Englands my share of midling fair oats is 320 bu & 384 from the Hughbanks place I went to Wellman in Eve & Vic & I got caught in a hard rain coming home & Stopped a little while at Roys Harve helped Roy ¾ day & he owes me 11 ¼ days Maude & Nellie helped Roy cook for thrashers

August 22, 1898

Monday Aug 22 A nice day but real warm too damp to thrash Mag Bell Maude Vic & I went to Wellman & finished cleaning floors & windows in the lower part of the house we bought some sausage & Eat our dinner in the house I bought a water mellon but it was no good we finished in good season & came home

August 21, 1898

Sunday August 21st 1898 A very very warm day & still tis now at 5-30 pm 88 in the Shade Harve gone boys & I Salted all Stock & move a little fence so as better to feed fatting hogs green corn at noon it rained some last night & thundered & lightened much & feels like rain to day tis so hot & muggy the oats raised on this farm are in a very poor fix poorly Shocked wet & will now sprout if this weather continues

August 12, 1898

Friday August 12th  A very pleasant sunny dry day  I took Mag & Sylvia to Roys & came home to dinner & PM Joe & I went to Keota to see Roy Davis about stetting a grate for my corn  get him in a month but wont wait if I can do better  I get home Early & wait for Mag & Cora  armistice with Spain & protocol Signed by President Wm McKinley[1]

[1] Library of Congress, “The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War”, William McKinley’s biograpy,