June 7, 1898

Tuesday June 7  Warm thunder & looks & feels much like rain & about 2-30 PM it rained a real hard shower & wet things up generally  I went to Keota PM & got cash on 2 milk chks first $6,17 & the 2nd $20,04 total $26,21  I drew from Founders Savings bank all I had there $125,00 & 2,00 interest  Vic went along & we called to see how Harriet got along   home at noon & PM I took Mag to Wellman  Nellie & Joe went along  soon after we got there it rained quite hard  Our bank cellar got 3 feet of water & at 5-30 I took Mag to depot & bought her a ticket for Omaha Nebr $10,15 & She will go to David City to see Nora  we came home & found chores mostly done  my buggy horses cushions & blankets & all got real wet  I deposited $134,00 in the Wellman Savings bank.


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