June 6, 1898

Monday June 6  A warm growing day partly cloudy  I went to Wellman in the buggy & Harve hauled down a load of well rock in the wagon to level up the cellar wall  I saw Holden about building me a privy on my lots  I hauled my cellar window frames from Ruf Whetstines new house & put them in my barn  home at 10 am & wil built a pen in the shade for nine fating pigs  hoed some in the garden & other bush patches  about 3-30 PM Dave Cole came hungry & we gave him to eat & fed his poor blind horse  he had his out door camera along & took a picture of our house & a family group & went his way to Washington  I took my doc colt to Roy to work  he jumps out of the pasture & is not satisfied anywhere  I took Supper at Roys & cora gave me a big dish of nice Strawberries for my supper  I appreciated them much  we hitched the colt up with old Mae & Roy brought us home


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