May 17, 1898

Tuesday May 17 A fine nice warm drying day we arose Early at the Benz house & got our teams ready & after breakfast paid our bill $2 & got 18 4 in sewer pipe at Shields 14c each & some 4 in Sewer pipe traps &c $5,65 Roy then went & got Ferguson tools & hand My team acted unruly & broke a brace to the buggy tongue in hitching up & I got a Smith to mend it 25c I got an iron wash tub a tin pail & dipper 85c the roads drying nice & we got to Wellman at 11-15 & left the masons at the barn I ordered 3 bbs [bushel baskets?] lime from Palmer & Co 90c Each & we came home I loaded a load of 5 hogs & took to Wellman to Sider & Scott wt 1240 at 4c cwt I called at the cellar found the men & Lyman at work on the trench I helped awhile & came home at Sundown found Harriet here


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