May 5, 1898

Thursday May 5th 1898  Cool drizzly cloudy disagreeable  I am at the Benz house before anyone else was  I had last Eve fed & boarded my team & after breakfast paid my bill and went down town & talked with Wilson & Bramer & Willsons plumbers also with Mr. Stewart & Co & plumber  I went with him to see his work in diferent homes both firms will figure on my plumbing  about 10 am I started home & after a cool & very muddy ride got safe home about 2 pm & soon had a good dinner  found Wes Hender here to buy horses but he & I failed to trade  I went to Nira  took 12 doz eggs to Ashton at 9c  trade some & got a book I had sent for to the Puritan Publishing Co Boston Mass The Dictionary of U. S. History cost 1,05  Express charges 60c total 1,85  Harve split & piled wood


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