June 13, 1898

Monday June 13  Cloudy & looks much like rain  I got the girls to help take my old Moline wagon bed in to the barn & I took it apart to put a new bottom & side in it but it soon quit sprinkling rain & I went to Wellman & took dinner at Amandas  I worked around my building all day  Holden finished the privy by 10-30 & I helped him some & then helped him carry his tools home & paid him one $  Albert Taylor came to see me about Carpenter work

June 12, 1898

Sunday June 12  Cloudy & looks much like rain  the boys & I salted the cattle & 2 colts in the E pasture  after noon it cleared off nice & cooler & seems as tho we may have better weather  wind light S SW  I send $1 renewal for National tribune & Headleys 2 vols great Rebellion[1]  also sent my address on gov card to agriculture dept so I will get reports

[1] Headley, J. T. The Great Rebellion; A History of the Civil War in the United States, published by the National Tribune, Washington, D. C., 1898

June 11, 1898

Saturday June 11th 1898  Cloudy warm & looked much like rain & did rain a little  Harve & I went to Wellman  he took a load of stone & we got lumber for a privy at Wishards  I paid $3,00 & Harve loaded the lumber to my lots & Came home & trimmed hedge  I sent letter to Mag  also sent a draft to E J C Bealer Cedar Rapids for $10,85 for a carload of stone on which freight was $12,04  weight 31000  I took dinner at Amandas  PM Holden helped me build a privy west of barn  got it nearly done  I paid J S Ferguson $15 by chk & he went to Washington  I got home at dusk quite tired  Harve has worked 5 days this week 238 in all & drew $51,50

June 7, 1898

Tuesday June 7  Warm thunder & looks & feels much like rain & about 2-30 PM it rained a real hard shower & wet things up generally  I went to Keota PM & got cash on 2 milk chks first $6,17 & the 2nd $20,04 total $26,21  I drew from Founders Savings bank all I had there $125,00 & 2,00 interest  Vic went along & we called to see how Harriet got along   home at noon & PM I took Mag to Wellman  Nellie & Joe went along  soon after we got there it rained quite hard  Our bank cellar got 3 feet of water & at 5-30 I took Mag to depot & bought her a ticket for Omaha Nebr $10,15 & She will go to David City to see Nora  we came home & found chores mostly done  my buggy horses cushions & blankets & all got real wet  I deposited $134,00 in the Wellman Savings bank.

June 6, 1898

Monday June 6  A warm growing day partly cloudy  I went to Wellman in the buggy & Harve hauled down a load of well rock in the wagon to level up the cellar wall  I saw Holden about building me a privy on my lots  I hauled my cellar window frames from Ruf Whetstines new house & put them in my barn  home at 10 am & wil built a pen in the shade for nine fating pigs  hoed some in the garden & other bush patches  about 3-30 PM Dave Cole came hungry & we gave him to eat & fed his poor blind horse  he had his out door camera along & took a picture of our house & a family group & went his way to Washington  I took my doc colt to Roy to work  he jumps out of the pasture & is not satisfied anywhere  I took Supper at Roys & cora gave me a big dish of nice Strawberries for my supper  I appreciated them much  we hitched the colt up with old Mae & Roy brought us home

June 5, 1898

Sunday June 5th 1898  A most beautiful warm growing sunny day  I layed long in bed & rested for I was tired my bush patches are all doing well & in good fix  we have 10 little calves & 38 little pigs  we had our Joe Adams [1] strawberries for dinner

[1] I couldn’t find a variety of strawberry named Joe Adams, but there were a couple men by that name that lived in Washington County, Iowa at this time.

May 31, 1898

Tuesday May 31 partly cloudy & looks much like rain rained in the Evening PM I went to Wellman found my Stone Masons at work Met 2 men Wilson & guest from Washington coming to my house to see me on fence & plumbing business they went back to Wellman with me & we talked awhile & I showed them about the kind of plumbing goods I wanted & they will send me prices I got caught in the rain just before I got home I lent Jim horse to Willard to drive to Richland

May 30, 1898

Monday May 30 A very nice drying day & sunny Harriet & Willard went to Keota I drew $25 from the Bank & paid Harve $10 we all went to Wellman to Decoration at Wassonville Cemetery & PM at the Baptist church took our dinner & Eat at Holdens I called to see Station agt Connor about Stone I can hear nothing from the quarryman I came near going to Cedar Rapids this Eve to see about stone but the quarry is out of the way & the fare nearly $6 so I concluded not to go I paid agt Connor $7,49 freight on Car of 8700 brick from riverside

May 29, 1898

Sunday May 29 partly nice but rainy PM we all went to Wellman to Memorial Service in the Baptist Church by Rev Hites a good sermon Mag & I Joe & Vic took dinner by invitation with Mr Cam Gardners & it rained after dinner & again while we were coming home Willard & Harriet here yet this Eve

May 28, 1898

Saturday May 28th 1898 My 62nd Birth day & I am very thankful that I feel as well as I do I have fair apetite sleep well & by taking Stewarts dyspepsia tablets twice a day victuals set good on my stomach I hoed sweet corn & we loaded 2 ½ sax wheat 3 oats & 3 corn also 2 corn for chicken feed & 1 sack for meal & Harve went to Wassonville Mill was gone all day but brought his grist PM I & Mag went to Wellman & she took flowers & helped decorate the Baptist church for Memorial Sermon tomorrow & for Decoration day next Monday My stone masons went to Washington I paid Amanda $12 & that paid Maudes board also for my dinners to date Willard & Harriet here this Eve Harve 227 days & drew 51,05