April 9, 1898

Saturday, Apr 9  A real nice day  a grass starter  it thundered & lightened & rained  quite a shower last night but dried off nice to day  we rebuilt fence in west barn yard  Castrated my Early Spring pigs  I have 10, 5 sows  we also Branded my yearling Calves 15  6 steers & 7 heifers  2 of the Calves are late & quite Small  we shut up 4 poor little pigs to try & make them do better  I bought a pig of Nellie & Maude that they had raised to be a nice hog  I gave them $8 for the pig $4 down & $4 when I seel [sell?] the pig  Harriet & Willard went to Keota after dinner & Mag & I & the boys went to Nira  took 12 doz Egs at 7c  got the boys Sunday Shoes at Ashtons $1,35 each & Mag traded some  I settled with Ashton & paid him $7 & some cts but didn’t pay for what we got to day  Harve helped me about the work & Cleaned out Stables  He has worked 186 days & drew $50,05  Cash $10 & gloves 75c


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