March 26, 1898

Sat Mar 26  Warm cloudy misty damp South wind  I mixed 2 bu clover & 2 bu timothy & Roy commenced sowing it on oats sowed this East of the orchard  I let him have 3 horses & harness  in the PM I helped Harve husk 5 Shox of yellow Corn & I fixed some hog pasture fence  PM I went to Nira to Horse meeting  took cobs & kindling & made a fire in the Hall & Swept it out  nice & clean  we had a good meeting  I spoke to Vic Carris to pay me some interest  he said he couldn’t do it but made fair promises  he now owes me 25 months intrest on $600  Harve has worked 174 days & drew 39,30  bottle Vaseline ointment  Roda & Red 2 more Calves  letter from Mag Sylvia has a baby girl [Leila M. Green]


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