March 9, 1898

Wednesday March 9th 1898  A very nice day & drying fast  I feel rather better than yesterday & only take one dose of quinine  PM Mag & I went to Nira  took 10 doz egs to Ashton at 8c  I attended Committee meeting in the Church & we had funds enough to settle all outstanding debts Except $65 & this we will borrow & we 6 of us Geo Smith Geo Miller Chas Swarts J H Lewis Rudolf Lindauer will take it to the Keota farmers Savings bank & get the money  I as treasurer had on footing of my accts paid out $15,31 more money than I had taken in so my acct will be allowed with the rest only for this I should have signed no note  Stice the preacher had promised to be at this meeting but lied about it as usual  Mag called on Mrs. Ashton her & old Mrs Ashton are poorly  home at Sundown & I feel midling well

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