May 2, 1898

Plans are being drawn up for construction of the new house in Wellman and arrangements made with local craftsmen to do the work.  At this point in time, there were still five children of Isaac and Margaret’s living at home — Mary Isabelle (Belle), Maude Bertha, Nellie Glendora, Victor Carris and Leslie Lewis.

Monday May 2  Warm Cloudy & looks like rain  it rained some last night  Harve & I went down on the Creek & got Some timbers & I took them to Wellman & took Maude to her School & gave her 1,50 to pay tuition  I helped Waite & Co fix a bridge to the barn & met Albert Taylor & we got Some drawing paper at Longwells & he drew three plans for my Wellman house  we took (Taylor & I) dinner at Amanda’s  Lyman Bradford worked some for me digging to tap the water main.

May 1, 1898

Sunday May 1st 1898  May day  Rain last night but warm & nice to day  a good grass & growing day but muddy  Mr. Green wife & 2 kids came visiting  also Cora & Roy  we had a pleasant visit  plums apples & cherries nearly in bloom & bid fair for a good crop  we have 23 little pigs & 10 little calves  Harve & I went down in the Creek in the Eve & cut 2 dead trees to make a bridge to my Wellman Barn  a burr oak & a walnut

April 9, 1898

Saturday, Apr 9  A real nice day  a grass starter  it thundered & lightened & rained  quite a shower last night but dried off nice to day  we rebuilt fence in west barn yard  Castrated my Early Spring pigs  I have 10, 5 sows  we also Branded my yearling Calves 15  6 steers & 7 heifers  2 of the Calves are late & quite Small  we shut up 4 poor little pigs to try & make them do better  I bought a pig of Nellie & Maude that they had raised to be a nice hog  I gave them $8 for the pig $4 down & $4 when I seel [sell?] the pig  Harriet & Willard went to Keota after dinner & Mag & I & the boys went to Nira  took 12 doz Egs at 7c  got the boys Sunday Shoes at Ashtons $1,35 each & Mag traded some  I settled with Ashton & paid him $7 & some cts but didn’t pay for what we got to day  Harve helped me about the work & Cleaned out Stables  He has worked 186 days & drew $50,05  Cash $10 & gloves 75c

April 8, 1898

Fri Apr 8th  Cool & cloudy  rain a little just before noon PM I went to Wellman for Maude  looks much like rain  as I passed the bank Si Miller called me in & he had made all arrangements to pay me what he owed me  I signed a release of Mortgage & Si paid me ($2140 – 40c) twenty one hundred & forty dollars & forty cts & I am credited with that amt on the banks books  H G Moore Charged me nothing for what he has done in this transaction  I paid him 50c to record release of mortgage  I am real glad to have my money out of Millers farm altho I have made money in the long run by the transaction  I now have all the money I want towards building in Wellman & Expect to Commence building soon as I can get ready  we got home in good season & I helped chore  Harve split a little wood

April 6, 1898

Wednesday Apr 6  36th anniversary of battle of Shiloh  I was there  A nice day cool Sunny day froze some in the morning  we arose Early & Bell & I went to Washington & met Mother at 11 am at the N I Depot  we were glad to see her & we all went to Joe Scrantons for dinner & Joe & I called on a Mr. Ferguston a stone mason  I looked at some of his work at Wm Stewarts house  he seems a good workman but he is a terrible talker a regular blowhard  I didn’t engage him for sure  I went to the Court House  Called on Jesse Ashby auditor & Bruce Young Co Clerk  I got $7 in fees for rent of some for Elections & $4 for appraising Crage property  Mag got 1 doz oranges & I got 2 doz banannas to take to the Children & at 4 PM we left Bell on the Street bound for Winfield & Sylvias  we got home little after Sundown in good order  I drove Prince & Mollie & they needed no urging  roads rough but dry  Harve fed the last Shock corn for this year

April 5, 1898

April 5th 1898 Cool freeze in the morning  getting dry Cool all day  We had dinner a little early & PM Harriet Bell Nellie & I went to Wellman to Mrs. Wm Downings funeral in the Wellman Methodist Church & buried in the old Wassonville grave yard  wore my new over coat  roads fairly good  the girls traded some  I called at the bank  we got home in good season  Harve husked the last Shock corn & chored  I called on S. Miller  he promised to pay me $2100,00  twenty one hundred dollars Friday  hope he will as I am getting anxious to know what I’m going to do about building in Wellman this Spring

March 27, 1898

Isaac purchased a new journal book writing on the inside cover:  This Book bought of T H Ashton at Horsemeeting March 26 1898 Expressly for a daily diary & account book  cost $1,00   I N Carr 

Sunday Mar 27  allmost a rainy day  very muddy misty damp  rained quite hard awhile  I killed a chicken for dinner & wrote up Horse Co [committee] minutes & wrote to here in this book  this rain will stop oat sowing  corn is worth 21 ¼ oats 22 hogs 3,50  wind goes clear round