November 22, 1897

Monday Nov 22  Cool but a real nice day & roads splendid  we arose Early & I took Maude to Wellman & left chk for $5 for her at the bank with George Treischman  Bell also went along & I took her to her School at Brown School house 3 miles E of Wellman  I helped her Start a fire & she has a good school house & apparently a nice lot of pupils  the SH is well built & furnished & She gets $35 a month 3 ½ mos  I am real glad she has so good a job this winter  I came home by 12 pm  got Mag needles & oil  Mailed letter at Wellman 1 to Montgomery Ward & Co $2 for tin washers by Express $1 to Washington Mutual Bank  Post office order for 1,20 assessmt on Corn Policy  Harve hauled manure from old Straw Stack N of orchard & he husked Corn for Roy AM & I have now paid Roy all the work I owe him


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