September 22, 1897

Wednesday Sept 22  A very fine day & still  we arose late at Hulls & after a good breakfast & good visit I went over & Called on old Mrs. Hull & Rachael & we went back to Wellman & took dinner & a good one at Holdens  I have left money at the bank to pay all my 1897 taxes including the Wellman lots  I drew $45 out of the bank & I took up at 300,00 time certificate due Sept 9 at 5% & revd $7 interest  I took a new time certificate at 5%  Schwimley paid Bradford & I bought a rocking chair 3,50  I paid for it to take to the Jones Bowers wedding  I bought 3 doz bananas 2# honey 4 # cheese a peck of Sweet potatoes  we are going to have Co [company?] tomorrow  we came home at sundown by Roys & left Nora & Allie  Harve cut corn  Albert helped Joe England thrash

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