November 26, 1897

Friday Nov 26  Cold & mostly Cloudy  Harve husked for Roy  Mag Sylvia & I went to Wellman  took dinner at Amandas & visited awhile & at 3-15 I went East for Bell  I met her at Browns coming & we soon got back to Wellman & took supper at Holdens & Started home at dark  arrived all right & Harve had just got in with his load of corn  Vic & Joe had the chores done  Roy got 6 loads corn & tis worth 18 ½ in Wellman & I pay Roy 17 ¾


November 25, 1897

Thursday November 25th 1897  Thanksgiving  Cloudy & cool & I am very thankful that we are all well & have so plenty of everything & live in So good a country  I killed 12 tame pigeons this morning at 2 Shots & we had a big pot pie for dinner & invited Roy & his hands & they needed no second invitation but took hold cornhusker fashion  Harve husked for Roy ½ day  Vic Joe & I went to Nira  we got tin 2 washers from Montgomery Ward & Co  PM Harve cleaned up the South Barnyard & hauled the manure to the garden  tis misting real wet this Eve  Corn 17c in Nira & 18 ½ in Wellman

November 23, 1897

Tuesday Nov 23  Colder  froze hard in Morning  Harve hauled all the manure from Straw Stack north of the orchard & plowed the ground & plowed the plum grove patch & the garden  I went to Nira PM & got 5 gals oil $2 rope thread dress lining & rubber 11c  4 cans oysters 50c box crackers 21# 1,10c  home Early & done chores  Mag Sylvia Nellie went to Snells PM  Mag has head ache this Eve  Roy &c hands eat dinner here  husking corn over west

November 22, 1897

Monday Nov 22  Cool but a real nice day & roads splendid  we arose Early & I took Maude to Wellman & left chk for $5 for her at the bank with George Treischman  Bell also went along & I took her to her School at Brown School house 3 miles E of Wellman  I helped her Start a fire & she has a good school house & apparently a nice lot of pupils  the SH is well built & furnished & She gets $35 a month 3 ½ mos  I am real glad she has so good a job this winter  I came home by 12 pm  got Mag needles & oil  Mailed letter at Wellman 1 to Montgomery Ward & Co $2 for tin washers by Express $1 to Washington Mutual Bank  Post office order for 1,20 assessmt on Corn Policy  Harve hauled manure from old Straw Stack N of orchard & he husked Corn for Roy AM & I have now paid Roy all the work I owe him

November 14, 1897

Sunday Nov 14  A very fine warm Spring like day  it rained a little last night & seems like a Spring day  our girls are visiting as fast as possible  we had buckwheat cakes & honey for breakfast & baked Chicken & hickory nut cake for dinner  J W Ashton & family here visiting  Willard & Harriet & all children went to see Roys baby [1] PM  Bell & Maude went to Keota to Church Eve with Hix & Jones  Bell will go to visit Harriet & Sylvia this week  Harriet & Willard left for Keota at dark  tis thundering & lightning  is warm & looks & feels like rain

[1] Lillian Hazel Carr