March 30, 1897

Tuesday Mar 30  Cloudy moderate  roads drying some  We had Early dinner & Mag & I went to Wellman  took a basket of dinner & a basket of apples  we unloaded at Lewis Kings & took supper there & then we & Kings went with many others to Holdens & Surprised them on the Eve of their 26th wedding anniversary  the crowd presented them with a nice rocker & a set of Silver knives & forks  it was forced on me to make the presentation Speech & I felt very awkward about it but got along with it very well & we passed a very pleasant & social evening  the Wellman people are real friendly & Sociable  I put team in Downings barn  got shoes pulled off my horses frank & tom  I got my hair cut at Owens  I paid J Longwell $8,90 in full of all acts for paint for church & took rect  we Stay all night at Holdens  to bed at 12

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