December 10, 1896

Thursday Dec 10  an Extra fine day & warm  I went Early to Hicks’s & we went to Wellman & I left word for Dr. Morgan to go & see Mag  She seems at least no better  we then found Ez Bradford & we three went before Notary Ed Smith & qualified & we then proceeded to appraise the Estate of Frank Krejci deceased  we visited 4 pieces of land & got through before noon  Bradford & Hicks went home & I got home to dinner  PM I went to Nira on Church case business but Could do nothing because Stice? Failed to come with a Subs [substitute?] paper  Dr. Morgan came  Holden went home with him  the Dr said Mag was threatened with typhoid fever & would probably be very bad but doctors allways make a patient out full as bad as they are  Seth & Grey Carris came at noon to saw wood  Roy & D. Snider & Harry England Harve & Sam helped  they got along rather Slow all the PM


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