November 24, 1896

Isaac continues to work through the idea of moving as thoughts about selling the farm surface again.

Tuesday November 24th 1896  froze in the morning & cool & Cloudy all day  we arose late at Scrantons & after a good breakfast we went to depot  Joe went along & at 10 am started for Keota & arrived on time  found Bell waiting for us at the depot & Vic & Harriet soon came with the buggy & after getting banannas & oranges & Candy to take home we Started  roads good & we arrived Safe at home again about noon & found faithful Harve ready to take the team & didn’t stir around much this PM  I have visited so long it makes me lazy & I am thinking more favorable of leaving my farm my place where the best years of my life have been passed but I can do but little work & begin to feel that I am Entitled to a rest & to live more comfortable but how to dispose of the farm seems to be the question that confronts me which ever way I turn or what Ever I think of doing  I have too many & too valuable improvements to rent  Harve hauled 2 loads of wood


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