November 19, 1896

Thursday Nov 19  Cold blustry cloudy  thawed none all day & we enjoyed ourselves at J W Brewers where they had reception for Fred & his Estimable wife Bertha  She seems very nice & I formed a very favorable opinion of her  we made many new acquaintances among the Clarks  Among them Ex Senator[1] D M Clark 76 years old  well preserved Sociable & just married last Summer to a young wife of 35 years  the young folks came in the Evening & Seemed to Enjoy themselves very much  Ellen had a Splendid dinner & Supper & was just as busy as she could be & Mag helped her  also Bessie her only girl & an Extra good one  I sent a card home, after we went to bed I had a severe spell of pain with my hernia  Mag got Some warm water & Ellen got up & helped & they doctored me into Ease & Comfort  about 4 in the Morning I felt very Sorry & almost ashamed to disturb folks that had been so busy & were tired but they seemed to want to do all they could for me Especially Mag & Ellen  I sent card to Sylvia

[1] The Iowa Legislature,


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