November 14, 1896

Saturday November 14th 1896  A very pleasant nice warm day  I feel sore but am mending & able to be around  tis Harriets last day of School at the Carris school house & I took all our children over in the buggy & went to Nira & got mail  Harve went to the other place & got some punkin seeds & then around to the timber & brought a load of wood &  PM Mag took the team & went to Nira to WRC  I sowed nearly a bucket full of punkin seeds  Ris Sheppard called & I sold him 2 cows & a heifer for $87,50 old Rose once our best cow & old Beauty & a roan heifer  cows are selling at from 2c to 5c a lb  no money paid  we tried to plow on the new ground  froze too hard  Cora came & stayed Eve  Roy went to Nira

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