July 4, 1896

Saturday July 4 1896  A very nice pleasant day  we all went to Wellman to celebrate & Eat picnic dinner under our favorite ash tree &  as usual we had a big crowd to dinner  Holdens & Mrs. Joel England & us put our dinner together & we had many youngsters  Ollie Scranton & her beau  Allie & Nora  Jap & Sylvia  Harriet & Willard 30 of us in all  Fitch girl & Riegel  good speeches & all went very fine  Bell not being well came home Early with Mother  Vic Joe Nellie & I  the rest stayed with Ben & Nell & wagon to the fire works  we got home Early & milked & fed pigs &c & got Early to bed  Rudolph Lindeen paid me twenty dollars Church money & I handed the same to H. S. Moore for deposit in the bank & he recorded it on my check book  I now have of Church money in the Wallman Bank $231,71 three hundred & thirty one dollars & seventy one cents  Harve worked 4 days this week  I paid him $10,00 & he has worked in all 297 days & drew 113,70


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