June 20, 1896

Sat June 20  Warm Still & dry  Harve plowed corn west of the barn  finished the little piece 3rd time  I went to J Thomas’s quarry & got a big load of flat stone & I think that will finish the job  Roy & hand here haying & helped unload the big rock  after dinner we found the hay Carrier broke  I think Vic Carris broke it last fall  I went to Wellman & got it fixed  paid Lewis King 50c  I went to the Wellman bank & bought 5 Shares of Stock in that bank & gave H. S. Moore a time certificate for $800,00 on the Farmers Savings bank of Keota & King paid me Eight dollars due on the Certificate  I gave Moore my note for 300,00  6 months 7%  I paid for 5 Shares  the Capital Stock is $10000,00 & Surplus   Moore told me $12000,00 making the Stock worth what I paid $2,20 on the ___?___   I got shrewd   I have studied a good deal on buying this stock & I do really hope for my family’s sake it will prove a Safe & paying investment  Harve has worked 287 days & drew 98,70


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