June 1, 1896

 Monday June 1st  A pleasant Cool day partly cloudy  we arose Early & Mag Harriet Bell & Nellie went over to neighbor Stapletons & took a nice alarm clock 4,50 & a glass tea set 1,25 & a nice new quilt as wedding presents  we left them at Stapeltons & went with others up to the Catholic Church 5 miles NW & witnessed the marriage of Margaret Stapleton & George Longwell by the priest  the ceremony took over an hour & was devoid of intrest to those not particularly interested except the novelty of the thing  we got back to Stapletons & Sat down to a nice & good wedding dinner a little past Eleven AM over a hundred guests were present & they got many useful presents & we had a nice day & a good time  home at 4-30 & I fixed fence down by the Samson hill & fed my pigs  Harve finished plowing the East 15 acres of corn  the 1st time  Vic & Joe went to School  Roy brought my John horse home in the Eve & he has worked him down very poor also harness


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