April 15, 1896

Wednesday Apr 15  A nice growing day & grass is coming on fine  I went to Wellman & got 8 apple trees grimes golden & Merkler & Sweet bough, 2 tolman sweet & 2 E K Cherries & 6 grape vines  I also got for Roy trees & vines at cost of 4,20 & he paid me back this morning  I set all my trees & vines out & took up & set out 2 plum plants  Joe went to Roys & brought me 6 grape vines  I am tired  Harve broke his doubletress [?]

6 thoughts on “April 15, 1896”

  1. Thank you for setting the record straight. This was one of several pages I photographed with my digital camera on my last trip to the Archives. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t focus in on the page properly. I usually can figure out most of Isaac’s writing, blurry or not, but I wasn’t familiar with this term. Your comments are most welcome.

  2. Blurry handwriting, yep, I’ve dealt with it and lately have been deciphering some old scanned documents – there are a few things I certainly wish were more clear. There is one where the scan is very clear, the handwriting however is ghastly. I wouldn’t care but it’s the true surname of my great grandmother and I’m left guessing.

    1. Oh, that’s too bad! I can certainly understand your frustration. I’m blessed that Isaac’s handwriting was pretty good or that I was able to figure out the word within the contents of the sentence. Not being able to read the surname is a different matter.

      1. Every other name on that page is clear and legible, just that one, kind of scrawled. I even traced it to see if that would help, to feel it as written. I’ve been enjoying Isaac’s writings, certainly gives an insight to life at that time. I wish one of my ancestors had left a journal or diary. Isaac’s has helped me give a better context to those in my family who lived during that period.

  3. I had been doing genealogical research for over 30 years before I found his journals. Don’t give up. There might be a journal or letters sitting in an archive, library or historical society. I finally got to visit the Wellman Historical Society on my last trip. It was always closed on my other visits, but calls were made and they opened it up for us. They had a file on Isaac that contained letters from a descendant. I contacted him when I got home and was able to share and receive new information. Also included in the file was a never-before-seen photo of Isaac. Check out your ancestral towns to see if they have a historical society and ask if they have information about your family. Thanks for your kind words. The archivist where his journals are stored told me that she had never seen a collection like his.

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