September 25, 1895

Wednesday Sept 25  A nice warm South windy day  I took Harriet part way to her School & came by Vic Carris’s & got Some ice & filled the refrigerator & put some in the ice house & neighbor Carris would take his pay for it  Martin Brewer took the team & went to Wellman & John _____ came home & brought Beef 1,60  the women & girls are all very busy & Carris girls brought over some dishes & I killed 3 nice turkeys & 5 chickens  the hands split wood & cut 8 shox of corn  I found a Casting broke to my windmill & Allie went to Keota for Bell & brought Harriet from her School & I sent for Barnes to come out & See about my wind mill  he got sweet potatoes 1 pk [peck?] 25c candy 45c   Our oldest boy Harvey came middle PM & we were glad to see him  Jap Green also came & this Eve we are having Singing & music & all are lively  Hicks & Wife came over this Eve & brought 250 buns that I had engaged her to bake & they are nice  S. Reisman called this Eve & we will sell him our milk while it keeps so warm


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