August 29, 1895

Thursday Aug 29  rained a little last night & is misty drizzly & damp & foggy this morning  a poor prospect for thrashing  So after breakfast the thrashers went home & the 2 hands to trimming hedge on the north  Mag & Sylvia took Harriet to Keota to go to Washington [county seat of Washington County, Iowa] to take her teachers Examination over  She failed before in both grammar & Arithmetic  2 Most important Studdies that comes of not having her mind on her Studdies  She is too much taken up with beaus & foolishness  it cleared off most beautiful about 9 AM & after dinner we went to other place & finished thrashing there  had 1467 ½ of nice oats  we moved the machine up to the Stax in the E pasture  got Stuck with the Engine in the Slough ditch down East but hitched on a Span of horses & pulled out & got in to Supper at 8-30 feeling good  I paid Ed Romine & Geo Foster off  Each $1 for helping thrash at other place  Mag took 41# butter to B&S at 15c


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