July 5, 1896

Sunday July 5  a warm dry day  we Mother & I  Nora & Allie  Sylvia & Jap went to Zion Century to Church  Allie preached & done well  we went to Mr Greens for dinner & visited awhile & came home Early  we had to leave Sylvia & Jap as Sylvia was sick  we all every one went to Nira to Church in my Hall  Schwimley preached & done Exceeding well  the house was Crowded  Bell is about well again  the Hall was exceeding warm

July 4, 1896

Saturday July 4 1896  A very nice pleasant day  we all went to Wellman to celebrate & Eat picnic dinner under our favorite ash tree &  as usual we had a big crowd to dinner  Holdens & Mrs. Joel England & us put our dinner together & we had many youngsters  Ollie Scranton & her beau  Allie & Nora  Jap & Sylvia  Harriet & Willard 30 of us in all  Fitch girl & Riegel  good speeches & all went very fine  Bell not being well came home Early with Mother  Vic Joe Nellie & I  the rest stayed with Ben & Nell & wagon to the fire works  we got home Early & milked & fed pigs &c & got Early to bed  Rudolph Lindeen paid me twenty dollars Church money & I handed the same to H. S. Moore for deposit in the bank & he recorded it on my check book  I now have of Church money in the Wallman Bank $231,71 three hundred & thirty one dollars & seventy one cents  Harve worked 4 days this week  I paid him $10,00 & he has worked in all 297 days & drew 113,70

June 20, 1896

Sat June 20  Warm Still & dry  Harve plowed corn west of the barn  finished the little piece 3rd time  I went to J Thomas’s quarry & got a big load of flat stone & I think that will finish the job  Roy & hand here haying & helped unload the big rock  after dinner we found the hay Carrier broke  I think Vic Carris broke it last fall  I went to Wellman & got it fixed  paid Lewis King 50c  I went to the Wellman bank & bought 5 Shares of Stock in that bank & gave H. S. Moore a time certificate for $800,00 on the Farmers Savings bank of Keota & King paid me Eight dollars due on the Certificate  I gave Moore my note for 300,00  6 months 7%  I paid for 5 Shares  the Capital Stock is $10000,00 & Surplus   Moore told me $12000,00 making the Stock worth what I paid $2,20 on the ___?___   I got shrewd   I have studied a good deal on buying this stock & I do really hope for my family’s sake it will prove a Safe & paying investment  Harve has worked 287 days & drew 98,70

June 18, 1896

Thursday June 18th 1896  A real warming day  I am tired waiting for Snider to help me lay rock so Harve & I worked at it all day & done a good job  tho tis so warm we can’t make headway like we could if it was cool  Roy here for dinner  he came from Nira with a new mower & will cut most of my grass  he was sick most of the PM & lay in the barn but mowed some in the Eve

June 3, 1896

Wed June 3  A nice warm day  I drove Flora & John all the AM for Harve to plow corn on the new ground & they went well PM he plowed them alone & I went to E river & got a load of sand for the road & Eve we all went to Nira to an out door festival  damp cool uncomfortable  Stayed till it was Midnight when I got in  I am tired & this don’t agree with me

June 1, 1896

 Monday June 1st  A pleasant Cool day partly cloudy  we arose Early & Mag Harriet Bell & Nellie went over to neighbor Stapletons & took a nice alarm clock 4,50 & a glass tea set 1,25 & a nice new quilt as wedding presents  we left them at Stapeltons & went with others up to the Catholic Church 5 miles NW & witnessed the marriage of Margaret Stapleton & George Longwell by the priest  the ceremony took over an hour & was devoid of intrest to those not particularly interested except the novelty of the thing  we got back to Stapletons & Sat down to a nice & good wedding dinner a little past Eleven AM over a hundred guests were present & they got many useful presents & we had a nice day & a good time  home at 4-30 & I fixed fence down by the Samson hill & fed my pigs  Harve finished plowing the East 15 acres of corn  the 1st time  Vic & Joe went to School  Roy brought my John horse home in the Eve & he has worked him down very poor also harness

April 17, 1896

Friday Apr 17  A nice warm growing day  Harve is about sick & done most of the Chores  Mag & I went to Mr. Greens  found Sylvia there & after dinner Mr. G went with me to Keota  we stopped to see P. H. Tallman [Pulaski H. Tallman b. ca. 1830] he is very poorly & confined to his home & I think will hardly recover  we brought Bell & did not stay any at Sylvias coming back & got home in time to chore