March 11, 1895

Monday March 11th 1895  A nice day  roads good & yards dry  we feed fodder on the ground  the cows eat it up clean  I went to Wellman AM & paid my taxes for 94 [1894] $122,88 in full to Nichols at Wellman bank  I got a vinegar[?] 2,25 at Palmers & I took Dr. Smith 5# butter at 28c a lb  butter is only worth 12c but She would pay 20c  said it was worth it  I didn’t dispute her  home at noon & Martin Slocum came visiting  he went with me to School meeting  Henry Foster was reelected director  Coming home I turned my horses out at the East Pasture gate to let them come home  they went into Geo Englands field as his fence was down in several places & I went in to drive them out  he saw me & ordered me out & came at me with an axe & called me many hard names & of course as I was unarmed I got out of his field & sent Vic & Joe after the horses  if I had been armed he would surely have regretted coming at me with an axe  I shal remember it  Roy & Cora called & Roy went to Nira with Harve & our girls to a lecture  he left his team tied at our front hitch rack & they broke loose & ran away with buggy to Hicks & only broke one tug  I have a bad cold & feel poorly  this Eve put up big sow  to fat  she weighed 420#


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