January 14, 1895

Mon Jan 14  Cool cloudy & Snowed (after dinner) an hour or 2  Snider came Early to help saw ice  also Roy  I took Snider to the pond at the other place & helped him get started & I went on to Wellman & Sent $2 to Homestead Co Desmoines for 2 years paper expiring in Apr 1896 & $3 to B Harriman for my assessint [assessment?] of tornado insurance  I went to Mrs. Harters (Dentist) & got my false teeth & after many tryings She got them fairly well fitted to my mouth  I paid her $20 & got home rather late to dinner  Roy Cleaned the Sawdust out of the ice house  I ate dinner with my new teeth & of all jobs I ever under took I believe this was the most discouraging & most provoking but I got through & after dinner went to Keota to a meeting of the Stockholders of the farmers bank of Keota  the bank makes a good Showing 47,000 deposits & over $2000 Surplus funds  Mag is most sick & very near discouraged   I got home at dark  Roy hauled 2 loads of ice  tis 11 in thick & we hauled from 17 to 22 cakes at a load  I got my ice saw from Bill Carris’s  Harve chored


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