January 1, 1895

The following journal entry is Isaac’s “end-of-year” report of his farm and livestock production for 1894.  Isaac used his journals to keep track of his business and to record a synopsis of what transpired on the farm for the preceding year.

Tuesday January 1st 1895  A very fine calm pleasant day (“no wind” was written above the word “pleasant”)  Harve & I mowed & hoed brush in the E pasture but got little done  the days are so short & it takes so long to do the chores Fiora Snider called & Pm just after I got to work & Harve was watering the Cattle at Andersons  Harriet rang the bell for me to come to the house & I found Vic Carris & Noah Farley here  Farley is from Ottumwa  used to live in Nira & was Postmaster  we had a good short visit  I got apples & cider  all children were at School Except Harriet  She has this week vacation  we are having remarkable nice weather & with very little Exception have had all the fall  I havent fed my 6 colts nor the Stock Cattle anything yet & it is very lucky for me for hay is very Scarce  also straw  the hay crop was the lightest I every raised  the hay barn a little over ½ full & the other 2/3 full & the straw was so Short that my Straw Stack is Slim but like the hay is of good quality  I raised 623 bu of good oats  my corn is too light to mention  I had about 60 acres & it would probably yield from 5 to 8 or 9 bu to the acre  we cut up about 40 acres & tis nice fodder  we have plenty potatos to do us & a fine lot of turnips in the garden  plenty of raspberries & blk berries but of poor quality  the weather was so dry  we have plenty of apples put about 100 bu in the cellar  they are not keeping well  we had a fair crop of punkins & plenty of good Squashes & they are keeping nice yet & we fed the last of our punkins to the stock only 2 weeks or so ago  flour is cheap  the best only $2 per cwt & good 70 to 90c per sack  I have 13 head of horses & colts & 77 head of Cattle 21 cows 1 good Short horn bull 22 Calves 13 steers coming 3  one coming 4 but lumpy jawed  13 coming 2 & 5 heifers coming 2  I have 38 hogs  3 old Sows & 35 June pigs & 1 boar & ½ interest in another & all doing well  I owe about $1500,00  I have $45 in hand 300 bank stock & Mortgages to the amt of $7750,00 & notes with personal security $600,00  So I stand $7195,00 ahead Except $2000 of this is my wifes & I have $367,00 interest now due & unpaid  this makes a very Satisfactory showing & I am thankful my health is better & all the family are well  the past Summer has been the longest driest most unprofitable of any for a long time  tis a hard time for men to pay debts & I am getting in very little money  I need some bad but have good prospects of getting some soon  Corn is worth 40 to 50c  oats 27 to 30 rye 50c hogs $400,00


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