December 24, 1894

Monday Dec 24  Cool Cloudy damp & looks much like rain  Harve & I split & piled wood & cleared out a wood cover most of the AM  Roy called & I gave him a sack of apples  PM I took Mag to Nira & she helped fix 2 Christmas trees & I soon came home & after we did the chores  we all went to Nira  Mag stayed there & took supper at Ashtons.  We had a full house in my hall [1] & 2 trees & they were well loaded with presents of which the Carr family got their full share & our girls made much the largest part of the entertainment singing & speaking &c  I got 2 handkerchiefs a good pair of mittens an ink stand with pen holder attachment & a nice large arm rocker  home at 10-30  turning cooler

[1] Isaac owned a building in Nira that he called his “hall”.  He rented it out for parties and meetings.

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