December 7, 1894

Friday December 7th 1894  Warmer & Cloudy & looked much like rain all the AM but then Cleared off  Warm & very pleasant  We arose Early & Harve went early to the other place with 2 teams & Roy went with him & they finished the plowing for this year  I now have at least 35 acres of sod plowed for corn & 12 acres of other ground  the boys also finished filling a tile ditch at other place  I chored around & shut up a another lame pig till noon & Mag & I eat dinner alone & then I went to Keota for Harriet & Mag went to Wm Carris to see Mrs. Noah Farley  I got a 60# butter tub at Sanders & Paid Mrs. Sanders $5 on Harriets board  this makes $23 in all we got to Wm Carris before it was fairly dark & we stopped there to Supper & Stayed till after 8 oclock & Mrs Farleys little girl Lelia came home with us  a most delightful Evening  Moonlight & a heavy dew falling & warm


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