June 20, 1894

Wednesday June 20  Warm dry & a hot dry SW wind  vegetation dried up fast  I went to Wellman in AM  Stopped at J C Jones to see old Mrs. Carris  She is very feeble  I got Castile Soap 15c Stricknine 25c to poison moles & got wagon wheel & rake wheel & paid 1,30 for rake wheel & 4,20 for wagon wheel  Roy paid $1,00 of it  I thought I would be Easy on him as he needs all the means he has & money has not been so close with me for several years  Home at noon & found 2 butcher stock buyers here for dinner  I charged them 50c & they went their way  Northrup and other man called buying Steers  the boys finished plowing the corn in the E pasture 4 time & tis nice  my oats give promise of a fair crop  Elmer went to the other place & plowed  PM hot & dry  we castrated a yearling bull this morning  I have 39 little pigs & 19 calves  Mag & I went over to J C Jones in the Eve  old Mrs. Carris seems better  we came right home


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