May 25, 1894

Friday May 25  A nice drying day & warm  I loaded 11 sax of rye corn & oats 3 each & 2 sax of corn for chicken & went to Wm Devkers [probably Decker] to mill  got it ground & paid 1,10 for grinding  it rained very little over there  the boys hauled dirt & filled up at the red gate west of house  I got home by 10 am & unloaded  we had Early dinner & the boys went to the other place to plow corn  Sylvia Came from her School a little Early & Mag & her & I went to Keota for Harriet & to attend Commencement Exercises of the high school  too 33# butter to B & Sanders at 18 a lb  I paid Mrs. Sanders the balance of Harriets board bill $5  the Exercises were good & we passed a pleasant Evening & got home & team put out at 1 in the morning

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