March 10, 1894

A tragedy was averted by the quick work of Isaac’s daughters while the family was away in Nira.

Saturday March 10th 1894  A very windy day  it blew very hard from the South all day & in the Eve changed to the west harder than Ever  Harve & I chopped willows in the AM & PM  Harve Chopped & Mag & Joe & I went to Nira  I found the Calves in my Shock corn & the girls helped me drive them out  we took 16 doz egs to Ashton at 10c  Joe wore pants to Nira  the first & we got him new Shoes  traded out more than the Eggs  I got repairs for lever harrow at Schwarts 1,50 paid & brought home 2 shovels for plows & will pay for them if they fit  one an Eagle claw  we got home about 5 & were Surprised to find that our house had been afire  a coal from the Stove had burned thru the double floor of the kitchen & the joice & pine under floor were burning lively when Sylvia discovered it  they rang the bell & Roy & Si Miller heard it & came running & Harve came from his work  the girls had been drawing water & putting it on without stint & had the fire about out when the boys got here  Roy pried up the floor to mak sure & we got home just as the fracas was about over & I felt very thankful it was no worse  I couldn’t think of a worse day for a house to get afire  dry & very very windy & if this fire had had 20 minutes longer start probably our house would have burned up  I feel very thankful  Harve took the girls to Nira to literary this Eve  he has worked 246 days & drew 88,75


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