August 28, 1895

Wednesday August 28th 1895  We found it raining this morning & were much disappointed about thrashing but it Cleared off Middle AM & we Stay around the tool house  I mended some chairs &c & the hands trimmed hedge on the west & north & after dinner we went to the other place & thrashed 600 bu of nice oats  the roads were rather heavy to do the hauling  we had 6 teams to haul & needed one more


May 27, 1895

Monday May 27  Sprinkled rain an hour in the morning & then cleared off  dryer than Ever with a Strong south wind & cool  Took Mag & Martin Brewer to Washington  Started at 6 am  I stopped & saw them off at noon for Wayne Co & then came right home  Harve helped Roy plow corn

May 26, 1895

Sunday May 26 real cool NW wind  Sunny clear too cool  we went to Wellman to Memorial service at the Methodist Church by Rev. Osborne a real good sermon  we had many invitations to dinner in Wellman but came home as Mag is expecting to go to Wayne Co. tomorrow with Martin Brewer & visit with Ellen [Mag’s sister] a month  Roy & Cora came home to dinner

May 25, 1895

Saturday May 25  Nice & dry Cooler in the Evening & wind NW  we had a Small Shower at noon & turned off dryer through Eve  we need rain bad  I replanted Corn  finished the piece north east of the orchard & replanted the East half of the piece north of the hog house & will let the west half stand  Roy came & plowed corn for me after the planter & Harve also plowed & they plowed the corn East of the orchard  Sylvia & Martin Brewer went to Keota & brought Harriet  She is now through school & ready for a Certificate to teach  Harve has worked 295 days & drew 121,80  I went over East this Eve & looked at the breaking corn tis up fine but cut worms are destroying it very fast  my sod ground planted 16th of May is just coming up & cut worms cutting it  the Cattle in the East pasture are out of water & I turned them in the Creek pasture  Vic & I

May 24, 1895

Friday May 24th 1895  A very nice dry day  I planted corn til noon  finished the little NW piece & Commenced on the piece north of the orchard just before dinner  Roy came & will run the planter for me to day   PM Mag, Bell, Ollie Scranton & I went to Keota to the High School Commencement  Harriet will graduate  Roy will bring Martin [Brewer] & Sylvia this Eve  we went to Mrs. Sanders for Supper  I put team in Coffmans stable  we passed a pleasant Evening & all the graduates did well & parents had good reason to be proud of their Children  we got home at Midnight  left Harriet there to get her graduating class picture taken  a nice pleasant Evening  I got Harve boots $5 & paid him $5

March 13, 1895

Wednesday Mar 13  real cold & high NW wind  I have a bad cold & headache & feel poorly  I done no work excep chore night & morning & feed the west hay barn rack  I set in the house & read  the assessor called & listed my property & took census [1]  Billy Stapleton [Martin William Stapleton] Called Eve & took Sylvia to Nira to lecture  13 deg above zero this Eve  Harve hauled in 8 Shox fodder & a bed full of ear corn

[1]  Iowa took territorial and state censuses periodically beginning in 1836.  Starting in 1885, state censuses were taken every ten years through 1925.

March 12, 1895

Tuesday Mar 12  a soft nice cloudy warm Calm day  Slocum & I went to Nira  I bought 32 bu of very nice kind of seed oats of Mr. Sheppard at 35c a bu  hauled part of them home & PM we went back & got the bal  total 61 bu & 28 bu  paid him for the oats $21,18 & Slocum went home  I unloaded oats & helped chore  Harve chored & husked some Shock corn T H Ashton  [Thomas H. Aston] paid me $2,75 rent of Hall for woodmen[1]

[1] Modern Woodman of America is a fraternal society founded on January 5, 1883 in Lyons, Iowa –